We create media messages that matter.
  • Social Media Services Strategy    
    What distinguishes your brand in the marketplace and with the media?
    Where is your target online? With explosion of multiple social media channels, effectiveness is
    determined bystrategic focus • What keywords and search terms are they using?
  • Social Media Services & Analytics    
    • Developing social media messaging • Seasonal editorial content • Videos & podcasts We deliver measurable social media results.
    • Coverage reports – Where are you showing up & what are folks saying?
    • Click stream reports – Where is your audience originating and where are they going?
  • Online Marketing Strategy    
    Online marketing offers three distinct advantages: it’s more measurable than traditional marketing, it’s
    global, and increasingly it is where consumers and businesses go to both research and purchase goods and services.
    • 67% of offline purchases are affected by online research.
    • 55% of all online transactions originate from web research.
  • Online Marketing Implementation & Services    
    1. Mobile Marketing
    2. Video Marketing
    3. E-Mail Marketing
    4. On-page SEO and off-page SEO
    5. Social Media Marketing, Paid & Owned